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Say You'll Stay
Unexpected Heat
Royal Fake
Best Fake Ever
My Next Mistake
My Favorite Gift
Beautiful Mistake
Unexpected Surprise
My Best Mistake
Primed for Sin
Built for Pleasure
My Favorite Mistake
The Baby Package
Mine To Protect
Damaged Love
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The romance genre has also churned out several romance novels written by male authors.

To sum up, male authors tell stories of romance from a different point of view.

An excerpt from one of Sarah J. Brooks’ best selling novels:

…Delilah Lemowitz was a carbon copy of her vacuous daughter from her fake tits to her overly sculpted eyebrows. Delilah had married a man thirty years her senior after Chelsea’s father died. It was love for the zeros in his bank account rather than love for the man that led to the wedding. Her new husband, Ed, was confined to a wheelchair and cared for by the very expensive nurse Delilah made sure to hire as soon as possible. He spent his days drooling on himself while his wife spent his money. My soon-to-be-ex definitely got her bitch ways honestly…