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Say You'll Stay
Unexpected Heat
Royal Fake
Best Fake Ever
My Next Mistake
My Favorite Gift
Beautiful Mistake
Unexpected Surprise
My Best Mistake
Primed for Sin
Built for Pleasure
My Favorite Mistake
The Baby Package
Mine To Protect
Damaged Love
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…Chelsea—my soon to be ex-wife—arched her back, her magnificent breasts on proud display. I loved her tits—as well I should, considering how much I paid for them. She spread out in the middle of what used to be our shared king-sized bed, angling her body in a way that accentuated her very best parts. She was gorgeous, and she knew it. Which was part of the reason I should have known all along we’d never work out. Yet here we were, post-coital, six months after I caught her in bed with Dave, the contractor…