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Say You'll Stay
Unexpected Heat
Royal Fake
Best Fake Ever
My Next Mistake
My Favorite Gift
Beautiful Mistake
Unexpected Surprise
My Best Mistake
Primed for Sin
Built for Pleasure
My Favorite Mistake
The Baby Package
Mine To Protect
Damaged Love
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An excerpt from one of Sarah J. Brooks’ best selling novels:

…Feeling strangely nostalgic for the smelly water, I kicked off my shoes and removed my socks. I unzipped my pants and folded them, laying them on a flat rock by the water’s edge. My dress shirt followed. And my tie. Until I was standing in only my blue boxer briefs.

I climbed up on the rock pile that was smooth from years of teenage feet, and with a slightly insane yell, I jumped into the river.

The cold zapped the air from my lungs, and I quickly rose to the surface, gasping for breath. I laughed, feeling giddy…