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Say You'll Stay
Unexpected Heat
Royal Fake
Best Fake Ever
My Next Mistake
My Favorite Gift
Beautiful Mistake
Unexpected Surprise
My Best Mistake
Primed for Sin
Built for Pleasure
My Favorite Mistake
The Baby Package
Mine To Protect
Damaged Love
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Discover exciting new worlds and heart-racing romances that will consume you, hold you captive, and keep you coming back for more.

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An excerpt from one of Sarah J. Brooks’ best selling novels:

…She leaned down to kiss the top of Mom’s head. Her red hair was piled up high, a few tendrils trailing over her shoulders. Even though she was most likely jet-lagged, she looked like she had just returned from a spa weekend. I never felt inadequate in the looks department; I knew I was pretty. My self-esteem had never been an issue. But Whitney was something else entirely. Her looks were old Hollywood glamorous. She was gorgeous without even trying, which was why she went through men the way some women went through underwear…