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Fans agree, romance novels are the best.

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Say You'll Stay
Unexpected Heat
Royal Fake
Best Fake Ever
My Next Mistake
My Favorite Gift
Beautiful Mistake
Unexpected Surprise
My Best Mistake
Primed for Sin
Built for Pleasure
My Favorite Mistake
The Baby Package
Mine To Protect
Damaged Love
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YA mystery romance books will keep you on the edge of your seat and satisfy your craving for true romance.

Let go of reality for hours and explore the exciting escape only romance books can offer.

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In short, there’s no better time to explore the entire library of fictional romance novels.

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An excerpt from one of Sarah J. Brooks’ best selling novels:

…Still simmering with rage, I shook his hand, ignored his harpy wife, and headed back to the office.

I could see Meg on the side of the building, at least twenty feet in the air as I came down the street. She was putting the final touches on the massive maple tree that ran along the left side. Seeing the finished product twisted my chest, and I couldn’t deal with all of the messed-up crap in my head.

Without bothering to say anything to her, I walked through the waiting area, past Lena, who looked up at me in alarm…